How to Deal with Terrorists ?

The world is largely oblivious to what’s going on in North Africa and the Middle East.

Following the original uprising in Tunisia, lame and blind politicians in the West missed all that happened after it. Carelessly they assumed that the riots and fights in Egypt, Libya, and Syria were of the same kind. Just people asking for more democracy, for more freedom. Not so.
Immediately after the first Tunisian riots, the strongest, best organized, and most dangerous terrorist community in the islamic world took over the stage. The Muslim Brotherhood. Realizing their chances to assume power, by whatever means necessary.

TUNISIA – The first results of the people’s rising being over, the president and his clique dethroned, in moved the Brotherhood, after having been banned before. The Brotherhood’s »Renaissance Party«, led by Brotherhood hardliner Rashid Al Ghannouchi, is pushing hard to have former president Ben Ali convicted, together with all persons who could endanger the Brotherhood party’s rise to power. The »Renaissance Party« is using its own militia to battle the, more or less disorganized, original groups of protesters. If only because democracy is about the last the Brotherhood wants.

The Muslim Brotherhood is always a step ahead in their aims, made so much easier by extremely stupid European politicians. The fall of order in Tunisia is being used to send hundreds of islamist activists over to Europe, hidden in a mass of seemingly poor „boat people“. These activists are to strenghten islamist communities all over Europe, adding to the already existing, terror-supporting network there.

EGYPT – Using the riots in Tunisia as a very suiting incentive, the Muslim Brotherhood immediately saw its chance in its own „motherland“. A very skilful media campaign left the outside impression, the Tahrir riots were of the same kind as the Tunisian riots. Not so.
The Muslim Brotherhood pushed for the fall of Mubarak and all authorities, to gain a stand it never had before. Deeply ingrained in Egypt, for 60 years a strong network had been installed, now taking over from dispowered authorities as well as from not organized protest groups. The Brotherhood’s chairman quite frankly stated that remnants from the old regime are intent on sowing chaos and hijacking the revolution. Meaning, they must be eliminated.
Seeing the sun raising, the Brotherhood founded its own »Freedom and Justice Party« (FJP) – meaning, of course, freedom and justice the Brotherhood’s way. Party leader Gamal Heshmat is a top Brotherhood member, persons like brother El Baradei were additionally presented to gain support from the West.

However, let’s not be misunderstood, they say. Party Vice President Rafiq Habib openly opposed a recent vote by the US House of Representatives, to establish a US envoy to protect the rights of religious minorities in the Middle East amid rising concern over Egypt. In a country ruled by the Brotherhood, there will not be any minority rights.

Of course, the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood immediately gained one main aim they had been longing for so long. It forced the powerless authorities to open the gates to the Gaza strip, so weapons and military material could flow freely to the Palestinian brothers, the Hamas. Thousands of tons of weapons and other „useful“ goodies already have been moved from embattled Libya, across Egypt to the Hamas. No longer it is necessary to put up a „Gaza Fleet“ show, now the land-way is open.

LIBYA – The world, especially Europe and Obama, did not realize that for some 30 years there had been an ongoing civil war in Libya, between al-Gaddafi and his „revolutionary“ Arabs on one side, and the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Eastern parts of the country on the other. This civil war was no result at all from recent events in Tunisia.
But here in Libya, the Brotherhood gained its strongest victory. European countries provide military help, to a terrorist organization, to gain control of a country! The pretext – to remove al-Gaddafi – is just too ridiculous to be even approximately credible. The „Revolutionary Leader“, heavily involved for many years in terrorist activities himself, could have been eliminated for decades already. Now, by bombing civilians and helping terrorists, European politicians could barely make a more serious mistake.

The countries providing military support for the terrorist organization are not even aware that the Libyan »Revolutionary Council« – meaning the one opposing al-Gaddafi – headed by persons like brother Mustafa Abdul Jalil, is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. This Brotherhood council already has rejected even proposals of the AU, because these proposals intend to leave a small possibility that the Brotherhood would have to share power with others.
By gaining the Libyan stronghold, the Muslim Brotherhood will have the whole of Muslim Africa in its deadly grip. Will have a strong basis to reach out to Europe’s soft southern flank.

SYRIA – Europe has slept as well over the events in Syria. Forgotten are the heavy fights of the past several decades, by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, currently led by Riyadh al-Shafka, against the Alawite-led government. Media and the leftist Wikipedia-blog alike spread the impression of innocent civilians, asking merely for more democracy, shot down by murderous fanatic troops, rolled down by tanks. Heavy fighting in cities like Hama is intentionally presented as one-sided massakers.
There is no question at all that the Syrian régime was, and is, ruthless. There is nonetheless no question either that the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is about the most blood-thirsty part of this equally ruthless organization. Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the civil war, during the past 50 years. But no, political leaders especially in Europe are totally unable to comprehend.
Will Assad topple? The answer is closely connected to the extend of help the Muslim Brotherhood will receive from victim states. The Brotherhood’s current statement on „incidents in Syria“ does not leave any doubts on the real aims:
The Brotherhood treasures Syria‘s good position as a pillar of resistance, embracing Palestinian rights for liberating the land, supporting the armed resistance, embracing the stances of Palestinian faction leaders, and Palestinian and Lebanese legitimate rights while being against the Zionist-American Greater Middle East project.

LEBANON – Widely disregarded was the fact that the terrorist Hezbollah virtually has taken over total control of this small country, in the wake of the Hariri assassination. Strongly backed by Syria and the Iran, Hezbollah belongs now to the military power structures in the Middle East. Leftist European media like to paint Hezbollah as a „political“ organization. Not so.

Hezbollah is heavily involved in arms trafficking, and is spreading international connections. Terrorist activities are supported, from Afghanistan through India, as far as Indonesia. Weapons, training, and military advisers are freely provided. Backed by Communist movements in South America, Hezbollah is a growing power in drug production and drug trade there. Western media prefer to be ignorant of these facts. Strong ties of Hezbollah to the Muslim Brotherhood are essential, especially to gain what both aim at in the long run: To make the Muslim world free of all dirt. Meaning, free of Jews, Christians, and similar rubble.

AFGHANISTAN – The „Peace Nobel Price“ winning US Pesident B. Hussein Obama, being married to a former Communist student activist, does not have to say much on military matters. Afghanistan, however, is still a much understated field. Talks with Taliban? Is there any use to talk with professional killers, with fanatics? Not at all.
ISAF is still in a no-win situation. Countries like Germany are still not able to transport to their own poeple that a WAR is going on in Afghanistan. Nothing less than a war. A war means, first, to survive, second, to disable the enemy, third, to suffer casualties. No soldier can participate in a war if he constantly has to fear prosecution at home, for military actions and decisions necessary on the spot. Merkel should allow her soldiers to act appropriately, or get them out of there asap.
The US way has harvested many results. Intelligence collected hard data, drones and commando raids eliminated known terrorists. However, Americans tend to be careless, as the most recent fatal loss of a number of elite SEAL soldiers show. The loss of a special helicopter during the elimination of Bin Laden should have been a warning which, alas, was not heeded. Insertion in a Taliban stronghold by helicopter should have been avoided, more so if an outdated (and too loud) craft is being used. After-action extraction is another matter. Valuable elite soldiers should be better taken care of.

Under the line – The Western world is urgently requested to open eyes, if only slightly. Terrorist activities must be counteracted, if possible pre-acted, in the strongest possible, and most efficient, way. By eliminating terrorists, by targeting their social and economic bases. The strongest and best organized terrorist organization nowadays is, by all means, the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, it was the Brotherhood, inventing and supporting al-Qaeda and other groups. Any reluctance to remove this threat will only make it’s removal more difficult, will further repression, will cause so many more dead people. That should be avoided by top priority action, not by dreaming.