The Kurds under attack

The essence of the matter can be expressed in one sentence. The United States has found the Kurds to be effective allies in Syria fighting the jihadists; Turkey accuses the Kurds of carrying out terrorist attacks against its citizens. Continue reading


Barack Obama and broken windows

One year into the Trump presidency, Congress confronts two major problems – the possibility of FBI abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process (FISA), and the dilemma of what to do with illegal immigrants – that are both the residue of the wide-scale lawlessness that characterized the Obama administration. Continue reading

Keith Ellison supported by Extremists

Keith Ellison Donor: ‘Israelis Have to be Bombed,’ Only Understand ‘Resistance’
Anti-Israel group official openly advocates for violence, gave $2,500 to Ellison in 2017 Continue reading

Gun prohibitionists $pend million$ to erode Second Amendment

A report by KATU in Portland, Oregon, and reprinted by KVAL in Eugene, shows how the gun prohibition lobby and wealthy elitists including billionaire anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg have turned their plump bankrolls into political bludgeons in gun control efforts that should alarm Second Amendment activists across the map. Continue reading

Robert Mueller’s mighty tuna shrinks to a goldfish

Robert Mueller has the heart of a Las Vegas hooker and the guile of a New Orleans stripper. Not to push the metaphor too far, he’s skilled at showing a little skin in a cloud of satin and lace, but never quite comes across with what the customer is paying for. Continue reading

Leben am Zaun

Als es im Anschluss an den Vertrag von 1860 zwischen den Königreichen Spanien und Marokko das heutige Stadtgebiet Melillas zu bestimmen galt, feuerte man von der über der Mittelmeerküste thronenden Altstadt aus ein gutes Dutzend Kanonenkugeln damaligen Standards nach Nord, West und Süd ab. Wo sie einschlugen, zog man die Grenze. Continue reading