Where is the international outrage?

As the human rights of women and minorities is systematically violated across the Muslim world, the international community is eerily silent, preferring to systematically condemn Israel Continue reading


The Case of Obamas Missing Pants

There isn’t much enthusiasm for Obama’s plan for Syria. A lot of the Senate would like Obama to go bigger. A lot of the House would like Obama to just go.
Even the experts have trouble explaining how and why the attacks will do any good. The debate has congealed down to credibility. Continue reading

European Support for Hezbollah

As American officials sound the alarm over what they call a resurgent threat from the Shiite militant group Hezbollah, thousands of its members and supporters operate with few restrictions in Europe, raising money that is funneled to the group’s leadership in Lebanon.
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Peaceful Missions – oder?

Im Mittleren Osten (für Europäer der Nahe Osten) tummeln sich schon lange, schon viel zu lange, Terroristen. Nicht politische, nicht soziale Ziele verfolgen sie. Sie wollen viel Macht, schnelles Geld, haben Freude am Töten. Einer der bekanntesten Terroristen-Chefs war Yasser Arafat. Der liberale Westen liebt solche Leute, je mehr Blut, desto besser. Als Top-Terrorist erhielt Arafat denn auch den Friedensnobelpreis. Continue reading