The United Nations and the Palestinians

There is one way in which the Palestinian refugees are unique. The United Nations has created a special organization for Palestinian refugees that both defines them differently and cares for them separately from every other refugee population on earth. In so doing, the international community has been a full partner in helping the Palestinian refugees preserve their status and nurture their grievances. Continue reading

Obama meddling with Israeli Elections

U.S. Embassy Met With Group Trying to Influence Israeli Elections
State Department helped group of Arab-Israeli mayors get last-minute visas

Top officials at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv met in late January with one of the main progressive groups working to tip the upcoming Israeli elections against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and helped facilitate the organization’s visit to the United States this week to learn political organizing techniques. Continue reading

Israel issues Travel Warning for Western Europe

In light of the return of many jihadists from fighting in Syria and Iraq to their home countries, counter-terrorism unit advises Israelis use caution when traveling abroad during High Holy Days.
Israelis and Jews in western Europe could be the target of terror attacks from global jihadists, the National Security Agency’s counter-terrorism unit said Monday, as it issued travel warning for Europe ahead of the High Holy Days. Continue reading

ORF – die Propaganda-Maschine

Österreichischer Rundfunk Fernsehen. So nennt sich das Unternehmen, das in Österreich immer noch als öffentliche Anstalt verkauft wird, mit Bildungs- und Informationsauftrag. Das mit zwangsweise eingehobenen Zwangsbeiträgen künstlich am Leben erhalten wird. Lange vergessen ist das Rundfunk-Volksbegehren. Heute ist der ORF nur mehr eine teure Propaganda-Maschine, die das tägliche Geschehen so einfärbt und darstellt, wie es parteipolitisch vorgegeben wird. Continue reading